Bringing a night of outstanding live music to the vibrant city of Hong Kong.

On 5th March 2015, the inaugural KEF CONNECTS LIVE! opened its doors to hundreds of passionate Hong Kong music fans. Held at the newly restored PMQ building, in the stimulating and creative Soho district. It provided the perfect backdrop and tone for a night of outstanding musical creativity and visual flair.

The sense of excitement was palpable as the crowd waited for local Punk-Rock hero’s ‘Dear Jane’ – who opened the show at an incendiary level. Working the audience quickly into an energetic mass. Following their strident set, recent winner of The Voice 4 Hong Kong, Eric Chow, acoustic guitar in-hand, provided a more delicate set. His on-stage musicianship, encapsulating the audience almost into total silence. It was a beautifully delivered acoustic set, allowing his vocals to weave over the guitar melody. A real treat.

Continuing the mid-section was Gin Lee. Backed by the incredible skill of the house band, Gin went through a host of her most popular songs. The soulful, jazz numbers allowing her soaring vocals to delight the audience. Stalking the stage, working the audience as she went, Gin delivered an exceptionally passionate performance that had the crowd in raptures.

Headlining the show was Khalil Fong, an American-born Hong Kong soul Mandopop singer. With exceptional awareness and a touch of class, Khalil worked the audience up into a stupor, his dapper-charisma and charm enveloping the crowd and giving them exactly what they wanted. Cleverly placed songs by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – heavier and more edgy than the originals, with extended jam sections between - allowed Khalil and the house band to really show the crowd exactly why they do what they do! Building momentum, the set developed into a real show stealer, reinforcing Khalil’s award-winning reputation as a true standout musical talent, and crowning KEF CONNECTS LIVE! a resounding success.

Promising an evening with a host of exciting talent and exceptional musical performances, the first KEF CONNECTS LIVE! delivered in spades. A superb atmosphere and environment, with a crowd that clearly revelled in the intimacy and energy of every performance went away excited, buoyant and even emotional. At the very end of the show, as the crowds drifted out into the cooling Hong Kong night, they know they had just witnessed something really rather special.

KEF CONNECTS is a social hub for you to explore, share and enrich your musical interest, engage with like-minded people and with KEF.

Since 1961, KEF has been obsessed with finding the best and most innovative ways of reproducing your music. It’s our passion, it’s what makes every KEF product so special, and why our products are so valued by their owners and how they continue to win awards and accolades the world over.

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